Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Georgie's First Foods

At Georgie's four month check-up, the pediatrician told us that we could start introducing pureed baby foods to him whenever we were ready to. We decided to go ahead and dive into this new stage right away. George has been curious when he sees Michael and I eat for a while now, so we figured he was ready.

Also worth mentioning is that she did tell us that if we wanted to take the baby led weaning route (where you immediately introduce solid finger foods to your baby rather than feeding them purees/baby food) then we would need to wait until he's closer to six months. While we haven't ruled out the baby led weaning option, we figured that we'd go ahead with the purees for now. I think we'll still introducing solids for him to feed himself when he is big enough and do a blend of the two methods. I have no idea if this strategy is "right" or "wrong" or if it will even work for George (first time mom here!) but that's what we are going to try for now.

Anyways, we were advised to start with vegetables since most babies favor the sweetness of fruits over veggies. First up was sweet potatoes! I thought this would be a good first food since it's still a little sweeter than some other veggies. In hindsight, maybe that wasn't the best route. He loved the sweet potatoes and was basically begging for more every time he had them, but wouldn't even open his mouth for the peas I tried to feed him the following week! I tried the peas several times but he just spit them out and made (the cutest) grimace faces so we gave up on them. We tried squash next and while he didn't love it as much as the sweet potatoes, he didn't hate it as much as the peas either. Progress.

I'll share more on Georgie's food chronicles as he gets a little older.


Emily Ann

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

God Bless George

Last month (May 5th) our little Georgie was baptized into the Catholic Church. It was a beautiful celebration. I was a little nervous about how he'd handle Mass but he was an angel the whole time and didn't fuss at all.

After church our friends and families joined us in continuing the celebration. We had lunch at the local golf course and enjoyed time with both of our families. I always love when our families can be together.

A fun tidbit on the baptismal gown that George wore is that it has been in Michael's family for over a hundred years. Everyone on his dad's side of the family has worn it for their baptism. I think it's a pretty neat family tradition and heirloom. 


Emily Ann

Monday, June 3, 2019

Wedding & Baby Shower Weekend

This weekend was another fun one! On Saturday, George and I went to a friend's wedding. It was George's first wedding and he did so good! We hung out at the reception hall for a bit after the ceremony before going home so Georgie could eat and nap. It is really convenient that the church and hall are two minutes from our house! I wish I would have taken a picture of the two of us.

Some of my girlfriends came over to hang out with us until the wedding party arrived back at the hall to kick off the dinner and dance. It was nice to have a little girl time! Originally I was going to take George back up to the dinner with me, but Michael's mom offered to keep him for a few hours so I took her up on that. Michael had a golf tournament during the day so he made it to the reception about the time that I was leaving to go pick up our baby.

On Sunday, George and I went to Jessie's baby shower. She is having TWINS! I am so excited for her and her little family. Twice the blessings and twice the love. We had a great time celebrating the momma-to-be!

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the house and napping/snuggling. It was just what momma needed after a busy weekend!


Emily Ann