Thursday, November 2, 2017

Oktoberfest - Hermann, MO

A couple weekends ago, Michael and I joined our pals at the winery to celebrate one of his friend's mom's 50th birthday. We hopped on a bus around 10:30 in the morning and sipped mimosa's (beer for Michael) as we headed to Hermann, MO. We planned to stop at a couple different wineries, but we had so much fun at OakGlenn Winery that stayed until closing time!

I love the t-shirts that Monograms by Megs made us for the festivities. Vintage 1967 is so cute! Unfortunately, the weather on this late October day ended up being over 80 degrees so they were a little warm in the afternoon. It was also pretty windy as you can tell by my wind blown hair above, but none of that stopped us gals from drinking several bottles of wine!

On our way home from the winery, we stopped at a couple bars before being dropped back off at our vehicles. Michael was dead set on getting Denny's before we headed home and I obliged. Bradley and Emily ended up joining us and it was such a fun end to a fun day!


Emily Ann

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