Wednesday, November 1, 2017

MO Cowbell 5K

Back in January, I made a goal to run at least 3 races in 2017. As of the end of September, I had completed exactly zero percent of that goal. Luckily one of my girlfriends came to me wanting to run her first 5K at the beginning of October and I eagerly signed up with her two weeks before the race. Not only did I need to work on my goal, but it was a great way to kick off our wedding week!

I haven't really been running a whole lot this year, but I have been working out regularly. I joined Rhino Hybrid back in the spring and have stayed pretty dedicated to their small group, survival cycle, and title boxing classes ever since. My girlfriend who ran the 5K with me has also been going to the classes, but has never really ran in her life. Our goal was to run the first mile and then walk whenever we needed to after that. To our surprise, we both had no problem running the entire 3.1 miles! I was so proud of her for not only completing her first 5K but for running the entire thing with little preparation. Guess those fitness classes are doing their job!

We signed up for a 10K trail race this weekend. Once again, we signed up only two weeks before the race, giving us little time to prepare. We'll see how it goes!


Emily Ann

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