Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday Thoughts

The past few weeks have felt like my very own fairy tale and I feel so fortunate to live such a beautiful life. If you had asked me back in college where I thought I would be in 5-10 years, I don't think I would have never answered "living in a small farmhouse, in a little town that nobody has ever heard of, surrounded by love, and eager to start a family with my husband", but that is exactly where I am at. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, with anyone else. 

This stage of life truly is beautiful. I'm learning so much about myself, and my husband (it's so fun to call him my husband). We are figuring things out together. Things aren't perfect, but they aren't supposed to be. We're just trying to do what we can to live out our dream. A dream that includes someday owning land in our little town, building our forever home, and having a couple kids running around and making a mess in that home. 

Someday, everything will come together. Today, I am so grateful for everything and everyone that God has blessed me with in this perfectly imperfect life. 


Emily Ann

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