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Bridal Shower Recommendations

Now that I've attended three, yes THREE bridal showers, I feel like a professional. Since our families live a couple hours apart and my friends are all over the place, it just made sense to have separate bridal showers so that nobody had to travel hours to attend. Initially this felt selfish, but now that they are all over, I am so glad we took this route over one large shower. Each one felt intimate and I really got to enjoy every single person who attended. I left each shower feeling so loved and thankful for the wonderful women in my life. Here are a few of my recommendations based on my shower experiences:

I knew each of the showers were going to be so adorable, so I wanted to make sure that my outfits were up to par! I know it's not required, but I always like when the bride wears white(ish) to her wedding events so that's the route I took when starting to look for appropriate dresses. I'm a big online shopper, so I ordered a ton of dresses to try before deciding on the three I would ultimately wear.

My main concern was being able to wear the dresses more than once. It can be hard to find events where white dresses are appropriate outside of your own wedding festivities, so it's definitely something to take into consideration when looking for the perfect dress. I always try to come up with at least three situations where I can wear something before buying it. Luckily we have a lot of fun stuff coming up such as trips to the lake, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, etc. so I didn't have too hard of a time justifying my purchases.

Browse my dress recommendations below!
Two of my bridal showers were hosted at family member's houses and one was at a restaurant.
My sister hosted my family shower at her house, Michael's cousin hosted his family shower at her house, and my bridesmaids hosted my friends shower at UnKorked Wine Garden in Wentzville.

Honestly, both were so great! The flexibility of having it at someone's house is definitely a pro. It's a comfortable atmosphere, food options are endless, and there are no rental fees! Downfall is it's a lot of work for the hostess to set up and clean up.

I feel like we lucked out finding UnKorked Wine Garden for my friends shower. The event space was free as long as you spent $15/person which was easy to do at a wine garden! Between the appetizers and glasses of wine, we had no problem meeting that $15 limit. The staff was super friendly and took care of everything we needed. If you are going to rent a venue, I recommend trying to find somewhere a similar financial setup as UnKorked. It was a fairly inexpensive afternoon and a beautiful venue!

A few of my favorite activities from my shower experiences were:
  1. Date Night Jar:: My sister started the jar during my first shower. She had everyone write down date night recommendations and put them in a cute jar so that Michael and I always had fresh ideas. This was continued at my friends shower and we now have a jar FULL of different date nights! I loved idea and was sure not to peek at any of the recommendations our friends and family gave to us. After we are married, we are going to pull one idea out a month and make time for us to do whatever it says!
  2. The Newlywed Game:: My girlfriend took the time to ask Michael a series of questions (which he actually answered!) and I had to guess what his answer was. It was so much fun to try to figure out what his answers were and a few even surprised me! I ended up getting 10 of 13 correct which isn't too shabby, right?!
  3. Conversation Starters (when opening gifts):: Opening gifts can be really boring for shower guests and I'm really not someone who loves a lot of attention so I really enjoyed the interactive game that Michael's family had planned for when it was time for gifts. They had a jar full of questions and comments and whoever's gift I was opening at the time had to pick one and read it out loud. Some of the questions were directed towards me, some towards the person reading it, or specific family members, and some were just fun memories. This kept all the guests talking and entertained throughout the who gift process and was a lot of fun! 
A few of my favorite pieces of decor from my showers include:
  1. Fresh flowers:: Whether it was sunflowers, wild flowers, or hanging baskets, all of the flowers at my showers were so beautiful. Fresh flowers add a little extra cuteness to any space!  
  2. Framed quotes from the groom:: My friend asked Michael some of his favorite things about me and framed his quotes to use as center pieces. It was such a special touch and really gave a personalized feel to the shower.
  3. Cake:: The cake and cake pops at my shower were adorable and delicious! I loved the personalized touches to the desserts.


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