Monday, August 7, 2017

Wedding Dress Shopping

Back at the end of 2016, I went wedding dress shopping with the intent to just look and see what styles I liked. My mom, sister, and grandma went with me to assist with what I thought would be a long process. I am so indecisive and had no idea what I wanted when it came to a wedding dress so I was sure that it would take several trips to find "the one".

We started our day at Dala's Bridal Boutique. This is where my sister and several other family members found their wedding dresses so I knew it would be a great starting point. I told Dala (the owner) that I really wasn't sure what I was looking for but I thought I didn't want strapless or poofy. She started pulling out wedding dresses and before I knew it I had several ready to try on.

I grabbed the first dress on the pile and went to put it on. It was GORGEOUS! I remember thinking after I had it on that this was going to be even harder than I originally thought since I fell in love with the very first dress. That actually wasn't the case. As I continued to try on other dresses, none of them compared to that first one. I did have one other dress that I really liked, but in the end, it just wasn't me.

My mom and sister were pretty tight lipped on which dress they thought I should get because they wanted me to make my own decision. My grandma on the other hand, was eager to confirm what I already knew...that first dress was the one. I appreciated her reassuring me that I was making the right decision and was so happy she was able to come with us.

I thought it'd be fun to show some of the wedding dresses that I tried on since A.) Michael never looks at this blog so he will never see this and B.) there were some really pretty dresses in the lineup!

And no, none of these are my actual wedding dress. Only my mom, sister, grandma, and future mother-in-law have actually seen my dress. I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone on our wedding day and even intend to do a first look with not only Michael, but my bridesmaids as well!

Also, a little side story:: A while back I asked Michael what he thought my wedding dress would look like. His response was "white, strapless, and lace." Two out of three isn't bad! He also said that he didn't think I'd have a veil since he felt like they weren't very popular anymore. He's in for a real treat on that one. Not only do I have a veil, but it's floor length!


Emily Ann

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