Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Guest Book

If you look up "wedding guest book" on Pinterest, you will find a million adorable ideas of things for your wedding guests sign. From pictures, to bibles, to wine corks...there are so many unique ideas out there! I'm pretty indecisive so naturally, I had a hard time deciding which route to take when it came to gathering all of our guests signatures. I'm a big fan of anything unique when it comes to weddings, but also love the idea of actually having a book full of our friends and family members well wishes on our big day.

After much browsing, I ultimately decided that I wanted to create a book using our engagement photos for everyone to sign. Typically, I order my photo books from Shutterfly, but I was looking for a little higher quality on this one so I figured I'd give Artifact Uprising a try. While it was more expensive, it seriously turned out SO good and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high quality photo book. I'm really excited for our guests to fill it up with lots of advice, love, and well wishes! Here's a sneak peek:


Emily Ann

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