Thursday, August 10, 2017

Etsy Wedding Purchases

Etsy has been the most fun website to browse for fun wedding items! I wanted to share with you a few of the items that I have actually purchased. I have been so impressed with the quality of everything that we have received and recommend all of these shops!

  • When it came to wedding koozies, I had a hard time deciding where to buy from. There are literally hundreds of options! I received quotes from a couple "corporate" places and was highly disappointed in their customer service. While the pricing was cheaper than the quotes I received from a few Etsy shops, I ultimately decided that I would rather pay a little more and support a small business than give my business to someone who clearly didn't care if I made a purchase or not. I ended up purchasing from Draft House, and the koozies turned out even better than I expected! Shannon was so easy to work with and helped ensure that my design would print well. I highly recommend her for any of your koozie needs!

  • My dad had the idea to fly a personalized flag on the flagpole at the end of their driveway (where the reception will be) on the day of the wedding. How cool is that? I would have never thought of it. Anyways, I put my friend Tom to work on designing a flag, and then found Unique Banner Printing on Etsy and sent them our design. Within a week, the flag was printed and had shipped. Check out how great it looks! It was only $29, too!

  • Growing up, my sister and I always loved to go to my Grandpa Scott's and do puzzles with him. He passed when I was younger, so my mom had the idea to print a personalized puzzle and put it out at the wedding as a tribute to him. What a sweet idea! I found themissingpiecepuzzl on Etsy and sent Donna one of our engagement photos to turn into a puzzle. I love how it turned out and can't wait to display it at the wedding!

Flower Girl Dress
  • I'm not really sure how I got to browsing flower girl dresses on Etsy, but I'm sure glad that I did! I found this adorable dress from DLilesCollection and knew it would be so cute on our little flower girl. I love the simplicity of it and think it is just perfect for our country wedding. (Side note: This is not Etsy related, but I also found these cute little cowgirl boots at Target and knew I had to get them for our flower girl as well. She is going to look SO cute!) 


Emily Ann


  1. Everything looks so good. The puzzle is such a neat tribute idea!

    1. Thanks girl! Mom is full of great ideas these days!