Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gavin's 4th Birthday Party

Last Sunday, Michael and I attended my nephew's 4th birthday party. I can't believe he is already 4 years old! Time sure does fly. He had the best time hanging out with his friends, eating pizza, and opening gifts.

I love how good of a big brother he is to Garett. He's so sweet and always looking out for him. Garett sure is sweet, too. He's always down for a good snuggle! The amount of love I have for both of these boys is indescribable. I know they love their Aunt E, too. :)


Emily Ann


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wedding Registries

Michael and I live in a very small farmhouse which doesn't have a ton cabinet or storage space so we had to be pretty selective when it came to registering for wedding gifts. Since we have both lived on our own for several years now, we have already accumulated a lot of the traditional wedding gift items such as pots/pans and kitchen utensils. Ultimately, we did decide to go ahead an register for a few nicer kitchen supplies as well as some decor and yard games (we love yard games!). Below are a few of our favorite and most useful gifts that were given to us at bridal showers.


Emily Ann

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mom's She Shed

My Dad is a carpenter by trade and recently built a shed for his tractor. He was nice enough to incorporate a "she shed" for my mom in the front half of it. She always has projects that she's working on and wanted a designated space for the clutter that comes along with all of the crafts.

I'm so impressed with how it's coming a long! He lined all the walls with tin, made the coolest barn doors out of old tin and wood from the smoke house he recently tore down, and is currently working on making a hanging light from an old hay trolley. It's still a work in progress but here's a peek inside:

We're going to use this space for the cake and gifts at the wedding and I cannot wait to see how awesome it is going to look!


Emily Ann

Monday, August 28, 2017


A couple weeks ago, a group of eight of us went to the Lake of the Ozarks for our second annual couples weekend! Six of us went last year and had so much fun that we decided it needed to be an annual trip. This year we added a couple more friends, and many more laughs!

After work, four of us hopped in the car and off to the Lake we went. Once we got there, we checked into our condo and then went to grab some dinner at Frankie and Louie's. After the rest of the group arrived, we ended our evening on the condo patio sipping a couple drinks, playing games, and enjoying each other's company.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Surprise Birthday Party

Last night I attended a surprise 30th birthday party for one of my best gal pals. She lives in Rochester, IL so Jess and I, along with our guys, packed up for a little road trip after work so that we could be there for the big surprise. It was a fun, casual little party and I'm so glad that we were able to be a part of it.

When deciding what to wear to the party, I knew I wanted to incorporate the lace-up tee that I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Any shirt that is as comfortable as this one and still looks cute is a winner in my book!


Emily Ann


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Yesterday was the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017! My work is located right on the edge of the path of totality so we were able to see the eclipse in full effect for about a minute. Definitely an awesome experience!


Emily Ann

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bridal Shower #3

My girlfriends hosted a beautiful bridal shower for me at Unkorked Wine Garden in Wentzville a couple Sundays ago and it was so much fun! It's not often all of my best gal pals are in the same place at the same time so it was extra special to have everyone together for a little celebration of our upcoming wedding.

The girls killed it with the decorations! Sunflowers, framed quotes from Michael, and the most delicious cake pops (made by Abbey) were a few of my favorites. Those things mixed with great company and good wine make for a wonderful afternoon!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Guest Book

If you look up "wedding guest book" on Pinterest, you will find a million adorable ideas of things for your wedding guests sign. From pictures, to bibles, to wine corks...there are so many unique ideas out there! I'm pretty indecisive so naturally, I had a hard time deciding which route to take when it came to gathering all of our guests signatures. I'm a big fan of anything unique when it comes to weddings, but also love the idea of actually having a book full of our friends and family members well wishes on our big day.

After much browsing, I ultimately decided that I wanted to create a book using our engagement photos for everyone to sign. Typically, I order my photo books from Shutterfly, but I was looking for a little higher quality on this one so I figured I'd give Artifact Uprising a try. While it was more expensive, it seriously turned out SO good and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high quality photo book. I'm really excited for our guests to fill it up with lots of advice, love, and well wishes! Here's a sneak peek:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Etsy Wedding Purchases

Etsy has been the most fun website to browse for fun wedding items! I wanted to share with you a few of the items that I have actually purchased. I have been so impressed with the quality of everything that we have received and recommend all of these shops!

  • When it came to wedding koozies, I had a hard time deciding where to buy from. There are literally hundreds of options! I received quotes from a couple "corporate" places and was highly disappointed in their customer service. While the pricing was cheaper than the quotes I received from a few Etsy shops, I ultimately decided that I would rather pay a little more and support a small business than give my business to someone who clearly didn't care if I made a purchase or not. I ended up purchasing from Draft House, and the koozies turned out even better than I expected! Shannon was so easy to work with and helped ensure that my design would print well. I highly recommend her for any of your koozie needs!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bridal Shower #2

Michael's family hosted a bridal shower for me a couple weekends ago and we had such a wonderful time. His family is so great. I seriously could not have picked a better family to be married into. They are so sweet and thoughtful and I am so grateful to that soon I get to call them my family, too.

The shower was held at his cousin, Teresa's house, which is so gorgeous! They had the cutest little cake and delicious cake pops along with such adorable pieces of decor personalized to Michael and me. My mom, sister, and grandma were able to come as well, which I loved.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

Wedding Dress Shopping

Back at the end of 2016, I went wedding dress shopping with the intent to just look and see what styles I liked. My mom, sister, and grandma went with me to assist with what I thought would be a long process. I am so indecisive and had no idea what I wanted when it came to a wedding dress so I was sure that it would take several trips to find "the one".

We started our day at Dala's Bridal Boutique. This is where my sister and several other family members found their wedding dresses so I knew it would be a great starting point. I told Dala (the owner) that I really wasn't sure what I was looking for but I thought I didn't want strapless or poofy. She started pulling out wedding dresses and before I knew it I had several ready to try on.

Friday, August 4, 2017

August Lineup

Lots of fun stuff happening in August for us. Plus it means we're one month closer to our wedding!

Wedding Prep
  • I have my hair and makeup trial for the wedding tomorrow morning! I am also having my second dress fitting tomorrow afternoon. I'm so excited to see exactly how I'll look on our wedding day!
Bridal Shower
  • My girlfriend's are hosting a bridal shower for me at UnKorked Wine Garden on Sunday. I can't wait to sip some wine, mingle with great friends, and celebrate our upcoming wedding!
Lake Trip
  • A group of eight of us are going to spend a weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks later this month. It'll be the first lake trip we have taken this year and I am really looking forward to it. Nothing better than boating with some great friends!
Beer Olympics
  • Every summer a group from Michael's hometown hosts "Beer Olympics" and in our five years of dating, I have yet to be able to participate. We are signed up and on the bracket for this year's event and I am eager to check out what it is all about!


Emily Ann

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wedding Update: Part IV

Only 65 more days until our wedding!! The past couple months have been pretty uneventful as far as wedding planning goes. We're kind of just waiting for the week of so we can start making all of our decor ideas come to life but I do have a few updates to share:
  • Tuxes
    • We picked out tuxes! The little shop we are getting them from even ordered a sample for Michael to try on so I could make sure that I liked it. I'm excited to see how they look with the bridesmaid dresses.
  • Invitations
    • Invitations are in the mail! My mom made ALL of about impressive. I love how they turned out!
  • Pizza Truck
    • We got a pizza truck! Manzo's Wood-Fired Pizza truck is going to make an appearance at the end of our reception and I am SO excited about it.
  • Alcohol
    • Alcohol has been ordered. And gosh there's a lot of it! We had a hard time deciding how much beer/liquor to get so we decided that it was better to have too much than not enough. Luckily, my dad knows someone who works for a liquor distributor so they are hooking us up with a discount.
  • Wedding Bands
    • Michael's wedding band came in last week. He had my ring and band designed at Randy's Jewelry and they were so helpful that I decided to get his band through them as well. It turned out great!
  • Dress Fitting
    • I had my first dress fitting a few weeks ago and it went well. They had to alter a lot in the bust but the rest pretty much fit perfectly. Since my hair and makeup trials are this Saturday, we figured it'd be a perfect time to schedule my second dress fitting as well. It'll be fun to see how the look comes together!
  • Bridal Party Gifts
    • My bridesmaid gifts have been purchased and Michael has an idea for the groomsmen as well. I'm glad to have that one checked off the list. 
  • Outdoor Lights
    • Michael's had their outdoor lights on sale so I bought a bunch of these lights. They're so fun and perfect for an outdoor reception. I'm so eager to see how the reception decor turns out. 
Stay tuned for updates on Etsy purchases, bridal showers, and other fun wedding stuff! 


Emily Ann

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bridal Shower #1

My sister and grandma hosted the sweetest bridal shower for me back at the beginning of July. It was the most perfect day spent with a group of amazing ladies.

My sister opened her beautiful home to our family for the shower and had it looking so cute! We mingled, ate snacks, opened gifts, and even played a few games. I had the best time and am so thankful to have such a wonderful family. Talk about a full heart.