Friday, June 30, 2017

July Lineup

July is shaping up to be such a fun month! Here's a peek at what I have going on:
  • Family 4th of July Party
    • My parents host a 4th of July party every year and this year is no exception! A bunch of our friends and family get together for backyard BBQ and some fireworks. It is always a good time and I am really looking forward to it.
  • Bridal Showers
    • I'm fortunate enough to have TWO bridal showers in July! Both my family and Michael's family are hosting showers and I am so thankful for how amazing both of our families are! I keep waiting for the wedding to feel real. Up to this point, it still hasn't really hit me that I'm actually getting married. Maybe these showers will do the trick!
  • Cardinals Game
    • We'll be attending our first Cards game of the season in a couple weeks. We're making it a "couples outing" with some of our friends and it's bound to be a good time!
  • Wedding Dress Fitting
    • Guys, my first dress fitting is almost here! While we've made it to double digits on the count down (99 days to go!), the wedding still feels so far way. I guess the fact that I'm having a dress fitting means that it's really not too far off!
  • Lincoln County Fair
    • Diamond Rio and Sawyer Brown are performing at the Lincoln County Fair this year. A couple of my friends from home will be in attendance along with several other friends from the area so I can't wait for some good ole country fun!
  • Jason Aldean Concert
    • My love for Jason is REAL. I've seen him in concert four times already and am never disappointed. We have pit passes for the concert this year, so his concert should be a whole new experience!


Emily Ann

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