Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Random Wedding Thoughts

  • Day-of timeline
    • Figuring out the day-of timeline is actually very stressful! Originally, I had hoped to do first-look pictures and get all of the pictures out of the way before the ceremony, but after talking more with our photographer, I think we are going to do pictures following the ceremony after all. She said the perfect time for outdoor pictures will be between 5:00 and 6:00 as that is when the sun will provide optimal lighting. Since I love pictures and they are one of the more important parts of the wedding to me personally, I'm going to take her advice. Michael is happy about this change because he's old school and didn't like the idea of seeing me before the ceremony anyways. 
  • Cutting the cake
    • I really don't understand the significance of the bride and groom cutting the cake together and don't intend to do so at our wedding. Since there will already be so much going on at the reception, I see no harm in skipping this small tradition. Michael completely agrees so it made the decision very easy.
  • Rent tuxes or buy suits?
    • A friend of mine who is also getting married this year mentioned that all of the guys in the wedding purchased suits from Macy's rather than renting tuxes. He mentioned that they really just fit and look so much better than your typical tuxedo rental. Plus then you get to keep it. So now I am tossing around that idea and having a hard time deciding which option is best for us.
  • Ice
    • When my mom, sister, and I attended a bridal show a while back, there were so many vendors that it was almost overwhelming. One of the vendors who really stuck out in my mind was a guy who owned an ice company. The thought of how/where we were going to get enough ice for the day never even crossed my mind until then, but it will be a real issue for us. We intend to have a bar, margarita fountain, and can beer set up at different locations throughout the yard which will require a lot of ice!
  • Preparing for a Catholic wedding
    • Michael and I will be having a Catholic wedding which requires us meet with the Priest for several classes and participate in an Engaged Encounter weekend retreat. While I knew about this process going into the Catholic wedding planning, I didn't realize how hard it would be to coordinate a wedding in my hometown while living in Michael's hometown. We start our classes next week. Wish us luck!

Emily Ann

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