Thursday, March 9, 2017

Colorado Ski Trip

Well, I officially made it back from our ski trip in one piece. Barely. One thing I learned is that skiing is really not my thing. Like, at all. I actually hated it, which really surprised me because it was something I've been wanting to try forever and figured I'd be decent at. I was oh so wrong. Let's start from the beginning.

It was Valentine's Day, but Michael and I had decided not to do anything since we both had a lot to do before we left. I had been working a lot of extra hours to get caught up at work before heading to Colorado early Wednesday morning. After staying at work a couple hours longer than I had hoped to, I decided to run to Kohl's really quick to return some stuff before heading home to finish up packing. Sure enough, on my way to Kohl's I was involved in a car accident that really tore my poor little Cruze to shreds. Another driver T-boned me and spun my car 360 degrees in oncoming traffic. Luckily, my car didn't hit any other drivers, and nobody was injured in the accident. Michael did have to come to my rescue and put the spare tire on and attempt to drive my car home. We finally got it home (it was questionable for a while), I contacted insurance, and decided not to worry about it any more until after our trip. (Update:: turns out there was a significant amount of damage to my car, so I actually ended up selling it as is and getting a new vehicle.)

Thankful for this guy.  
We woke up before dawn to jump in the car and make our way to the airport. We arrived in Denver before 9 a.m. and started our hour and a half drive to Frisco, Colorado where our condo was. Let me tell you, Frisco is the cutest little town! Our condo was perfect for the four of us, and it was located just 5 minutes from Copper Mountain where we planned to spend most of our days skiing.

After we got settled into our condo, we made a grocery/beer run before heading to White Mountain Tours in Leadville Colorado for a little snowmobiling. This was by far my favorite part of the trip. We had a blast riding through the mountains and the views were breathtaking. Our tour guide Dugan was pretty entertaining as well. We finished up the evening by grabbing dinner at Ollie's Pub and Grub in downtown Frisco. It was $3 burger night, so you know we couldn't pass up that deal!

Michael and I had signed up for ski lessons at 9:30 Thursday morning so we were up bright and early and pumped to get the day started. Petey and MaKenzie were both snowboarding rather than skiing. While MaKenzie knew what she was doing, it was Petey's first time snowboarding, and ultimately he decided to sign up for a lesson as well.

The morning started great. We got to the bunny slopes where we started learning the ins and outs of skiing. While Michael was MVP of our class, things started going downhill (pun intended) for me not too long after we progressed to the mid-sized hill. The lift pulled us up and a couple of us girls in the group fell down trying to go down the hill. Another guide helped us all to our feet and ended up taking me under his wings for a little one on one training. Guys, I was REALLY bad at skiing. I knew it would be  hard, but I didn't think that I would be incapable of doing it. After a while, I kind of got the gist of it and was falling less and as soon our lesson was over and we headed back to the lodge to meet up with Petey and MaKenzie to grab lunch.

After lunch, things went even more downhill for me. Everyone wanted to go up a couple lifts and test our their skills on the real mountain (not just the training hills). I knew I should have said no to this, but I begrudgingly agreed and up the mountain we went. I was all kinds of anxious because at this point, I had not mastered how to slow down or actually stop and I just knew it was going to end badly. I also am not a big fan of heights so the lifts being so high off the ground was not helping anything. After taking both lifts up to the top, we started down the mountain. I fell...multiple times and ended up with several bruises and knocking my head several times (thank goodness for helmets). Michael attempted to help me several times and even held me up for a portion of our ride down the mountain, but not being able to slow down or stop ended up being a real issue. Ultimately, I took my skis off and walked down the mountain. Talk about a crash and burn. I am a ski failure.

After we finished up our day "shredding" as the boys liked to call it, we headed back to the condo where we had a fun little game night. We played Heads Up (I seriously love that game), Cards Against Humanity, and a few drinking card games before calling it a night and heading to bed.

I decided that I was far too sore and scared to try out my skiing skills again so I decided to stay back at the lodge and explore Copper Mountain a little while the rest of the gang hit the slopes. The resort was pretty big, and had several "villages" that had cute little shops, restaurants and bars. I popped into a few of the shops before finding a trail that went through the mountains. It actually took you all the way from the East village to the West village so I decided to hike the whole trail. Eventually I met back up with the rest of the group for lunch and we decided we wanted to get back to Frisco early enough that we could explore the town a little more.

The condo we stayed at was actually walking distance to downtown Frisco so we spent the afternoon walking the downtown area and popping into a couple restaurants and bars for drinks. My favorite drink was a margarita from 5th Ave Grille. It was made to perfection. One of the bars we stopped in had a pool table and being that I love games, we were sure to play a game before going to grab dinner. We ended up at Boatyard American Grille for dinner and decided to split several appetizers. The homemade pizza rolls were phenomenal! After dinner, everyone was pretty exhausted so we watched a bit of Netflix before calling it another early night.

I woke up with intentions of giving skiing another try but was worried I would ruin the rest of the group's good time if they had to deal with me falling down all over the place again (or at least ruin Michael's time), so ultimately I decided to throw in the towel on skiing and explore the resort a little more in the morning. After a lunch break, the guys decided to head back to the slopes while MaKenzie and I did a little souvenir shopping and then found us a couple of stools at the bar overlooking the mountain. We sipped a few (okay several) drinks and chatted while waiting for the guys to get done. It was a perfect afternoon with great company.

We ordered takeout for dinner and started to pack up all of our stuff that evening. We had to be up at 4 a.m. for our flight so everyone took it pretty easy our last night in Frisco.

Our flight was bright and early Sunday morning which meant we got back to St. Louis before 11:00 a.m. We missed some pretty perfect weather here in Missouri that weekend, so I took advantage of the day and went for a long walk on the gravel road and Michael grilled some steaks for dinner. It was a great way to end our little vacation before we were back to reality on Monday morning.

Even though I was not successful at skiing, the trip was so much fun and I'm so glad that we went! Frisco was such a great place to stay. It was only 5 minutes from Copper Mountain and the town was adorable. I highly recommend it if you are looking for somewhere to go on a ski trip (or any kind of trip). I also highly recommend snowmobiling if you haven't gone before. The views were incredible, and we had a blast cruising around on the snowmobile. We couldn't have asked for better company either. This was the first trip we had taken with Petey and MaKenzie, but I see more trips in our future!


Emily Ann

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