Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 Weekly Bits:: III

Found:: Wedding party inspiration ^^
  • The dresses my bridesmaids will be wearing is a color called bordeaux (it's a burgundy) and I am wanting the guys to wear navy suits. I have been on the hunt for some Pinterest inspiration and finally found a perfect example of the look I'm going for! 
Completed:: Pre Cana Classes
  • Michael and I completed our Pre Cana classes with Father Chuck this week. Not going to lie, I was nervous to go to the classes, but they ended up being totally fine! It was honestly a great way to have some conversations about topics that we hadn't even thought about discussing. We scored an 85% on the FOCCUS compatibility test, which was an average score (it would have been higher had we not misread several of the questions). Now we just have to complete an Engaged Encounter weekend and a Natural Family Planning class before officially being able to get married in the Catholic Church. Getting closer!
Collected:: Addresses
  • We spent an evening this week with Michael's mom collecting addresses for our save the dates. I think we will be able to get them all in the mail within the next week or so!
Recovering from:: #ActingAFoolinKC
  • I spent the past weekend in Kansas City celebrating on of my best gal pal's upcoming wedding and it was SO much fun! I'll have a full recap of our weekend posted soon, but I'll tell you now that you it took me three days to fully recover from all of the shenanigans! Can't wait for the wedding next weekend!
Enjoyed:: Michael's new ride
  • Ever since we started dating, Michael has talked about purchasing a side-by-side and this past weekend he finally pulled the trigger! It's going to be a fun new toy to have around the farm that's for sure!


Emily Ann

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