Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Handy Man Dad

Obsessed with my picnic table!
Growing up, my dad could always fix everything. He was a full-time carpenter by trade, but his talents went way beyond just building things. If anything was broken around the house, he could fix it. If something was wrong with my car, he knew what it was (he even remodeled 1969 Camaro!). He somehow even found time to manage H&S Farms in his spare time. To say he did it all is an understatement.

Since retiring, Dad has picked up a new hobby in woodworking, which comes at the perfect time for a rustic farm wedding! While I have had him make me a few items for around the house including a mirror, picnic table, and a couple benches, he continues to impress me with all of the fun stuff he has been working on. Here's a peek at some of his recent projects. Most of which we plan to incorporate into our wedding decor.

How neat is this table?! Perfect height for a few bar stools.

He made this cool Scott Farm sign. I think I need a Haines one. :)

Not the best picture but these baskets will be perfect for the wedding!

Mom asked and Dad delivered. This table looks GREAT on their deck!

I seriously cannot wait until Michael and I have a house of our own to decorate someday. There is already a list of projects a mile long that I hope he will make for me.


Emily Ann

P.S. Here is a picture of Dad's 1969 Camaro next to the 2011 that I used to own. Random fact - my very first car was a 1996 T-top Camaro. Clearly it's our favorite kind of car. :)


  1. Love this tribute to your Pops. The farmhouse table for their decks is probably my fave in this line-up, close call though. Also love all the handcrafted items my house is stocked with of his. Plus, more to come!

  2. What a talented guy! Love his old car - my dad has a '63 Corvair and has instilled him love of old cars in me!