Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weekend Recap:: Holiday Season

Holiday Party fun!

This past weekend involved a holiday party, cookie baking, and lots of time spent with family. An ideal first weekend of December if you ask me!

After work, Michael and I headed to my company's holiday party. This year, the party was held at Final Cut Steakhouse in the Hollywood Casino. It was such a great night! The food was phenomenal and we ended the night with a little gambling. This was my first holiday party at my new job, and it definitely exceeded expectations. I work with a wonderful group of people.

I drove to Jefferson City Saturday morning to meet my mom and sister for a little Christmas outfit shopping. To say mom spoiled us this year is an understatement. She bought us both multiple outfits and I cannot wait to wear them this winter! After shopping, the whole family went over to the local bar for dinner. It re-opened under new ownership recently so we were eager to support the local business. We were pretty much the only ones there so it was a nice low-key night with family.

My favorite little guys. 
Winter had officially arrived as I woke up to the first snow of the season! We spent the whole day baking cookies. We baked everything from chocolate chip and peanut butter, to M&M and sugar cookies and even a few loaves of banana bread (my favorite!). Gavin was such a big help. He loved pouring the ingredients into the bowl and mixing them up. He was even a pro at scooping the dough out onto the pans. It was the perfect way to end a pretty great weekend.

Gavin showing his little brother snow for the first time. 


Emily Ann

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  1. Oh my goodness, you need to frame that last picture. Glad to see you're back. Now for the engagement photos!!!