Saturday, October 8, 2016

Denver Ski Trip!

Main Street, Frisco, CO
I've been begging Michael to take me skiing ever since I saw Ashley's post on her trip to Mammoth Mountain, and guess what?! I finally got him to agree to it! Last weekend we were at a wedding reception and Michael's friend's girlfriend was telling me about how she was trying to get her boyfriend to take her snowboarding. So, naturally I told her how I wanted to go skiing, and we started planning our trip right there.

We initially had no idea where to go, but decided February was the right time to for the trip. As we were browsing top ski resorts, Southwest had a HUGE sale on flights. We saw that Denver was one of the locations and rushed to book our flights before the sale ended! We ended up booking this cute little condo in Frisco, Colorado that is walking distance to their downtown area, and only a short drive to Breckenridge. I can't wait for February to get here. I'd say 2017 is looking pretty good!


Emily Ann

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