Saturday, October 8, 2016

Denver Ski Trip!

Main Street, Frisco, CO
I've been begging Michael to take me skiing ever since I saw Ashley's post on her trip to Mammoth Mountain, and guess what?! I finally got him to agree to it! Last weekend we were at a wedding reception and Michael's friend's girlfriend was telling me about how she was trying to get her boyfriend to take her snowboarding. So, naturally I told her how I wanted to go skiing, and we started planning our trip right there.

We initially had no idea where to go, but decided February was the right time to for the trip. As we were browsing top ski resorts, Southwest had a HUGE sale on flights. We saw that Denver was one of the locations and rushed to book our flights before the sale ended! We ended up booking this cute little condo in Frisco, Colorado that is walking distance to their downtown area, and only a short drive to Breckenridge. I can't wait for February to get here. I'd say 2017 is looking pretty good!


Emily Ann

Friday, October 7, 2016


After we got engaged, I was obviously pretty eager to set a date. Michael mentioned that September or October would be his ideal time to get married and I've always envisioned a fall wedding, myself, so that worked out perfectly.

With a time frame in mind, our next obstacle was agreeing on where to have the wedding. I have always wanted to get married in my hometown and then have the reception on my Mom and Dad's farm. Michael, on the other hand, wasn't too keen on this idea and wanted to have it in his hometown where we currently live. After some long conversations, Michael finally agreed to have our special day in my hometown which I am ecstatic about! My mom is pretty excited too since she's always wanted to throw a big party at their place.

After calling the local church, we made it official that we would get married on October 7, 2017, which is exactly one year from today! I couldn't be any more excited to marry and build a life with one of the best people I know. It really is a dream come true!

The picture on the left is from the first time Michael and I met back in 2008. Little did I know that I was meeting my future husband! I had gone to my college friend's hometown (hey Jess!) and we went to hang out with some of her high school buddies. Michael and I hit it off and had a flirtatious relationship from the start, but it never really went anywhere. I was having too much fun in college to have a boyfriend! We reconnected a few years later in 2013 when another one of my college friends convinced me to go on a double date with her and her boyfriend (who happened to be Michael's best friend). Michael and I had a great time and have been inseparable ever since! I can't wait to be Mrs. Haines in exactly one year!


Emily Ann

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I'm extremely late writing this post, but WE'RE ENGAGED!! Michael finally proposed on August 30th at our home. It was just the two of us and the whole thing so cute and perfect.

I had a hunch it was coming because my birthday was in two days, but didn't know it was going to happen on a random Tuesday night! I was so excited and couldn't wait to show off my new bling, so we visited his mom and dad to share the news with them, and then headed to his brother and sister-in-laws house to let them know as well. Since my family lives hours away, I face-timed my mom and casually waved my hand in front of the camera. She was so excited that she cried! Dad said he almost gave up hope since it had been months since Michael asked him if he could marry me. Overall it was a perfect night and I was so excited to tell all my friends and family!

Since my birthday was that Thursday, we had plans to go to the lake with my family which worked out perfect for a birthday and engagement celebration. We headed down on Saturday and spent the day on the boat with my sister and brother-in-law. On Sunday, my mom and dad brought my nephews down and we did a little more boating and spent the evening grilling and enjoying the beautiful weather. Talk about a perfect week!



Emily Ann