Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

My favorite boys!
Michael and I had the best Easter with our families. We woke up early and headed to my hometown for church and brunch with my family and then ended the day with a delicious dinner at his aunt's house. It was a pretty perfect day!

I love any excuse to play with the camera I got for Christmas, and the Easter festivities provided a perfect opportunity to snap some pictures. Here are a few shots from our Easter celebration at my parent's house:

One good looking family!
Dad is such a natural when it comes to holding babies :)
GG and Pap with their boys
The cutest grandparents (and great grandparents) around :)
Momma and her Gavin


Emily Ann

P.S. Don't let Gavin fool you, he's not as innocent as he seems!

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