Monday, February 22, 2016

Garett Cole

Garett Cole
This past weekend was an extended one spent at home celebrating the birth of my new nephew, Garett Cole. He was born on Wednesday, February 17th and is absolutely perfect! I adore his blonde hair and can't wait for more baby snuggles.

I am one lucky Auntie!
Grandma and her boys!
One of my favorite pictures! Those boys sure are lucky to have such a great Pap!
GG got a little loving too!
One good looking family

Since Dani had a c-section, she had to stay at the hospital until Saturday, which meant that Mom, Dad, and I got to spend a lot of time with Gavin! He is just the cutest kid around. He started calling me "E" which I absolutely loved and kind of hope it sticks for a long time. I don't mind being Aunt E!

He wanted to wear my boots...they look better on him ;)
Such a ham!

The weather was BEAUTIFUL while I was home. It isn't often that you get 70 degree weather in the middle of February, so I took full advantage of it! Gavin and I played outside, I went for a couple runs, did a little shopping with Mom, squeezed in a little fishing, and even enjoyed a few hours on the Harley with Dad!

Helping Grandpa feed the cows!

We caught quite a few fish and even fried them up for dinner!

No ride is complete without a couple pit stops

Needless to say, coming back to work today was tough. I am already itching to go home and see my nephews again!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!


Emily Ann


  1. What a perfect little gem Garett is. Looks like an absolutely perfect weekend.