Friday, February 5, 2016

2016 Weekly Bits: V

Enjoyed:: Warm weather!
Gosh, we had some perfect weather at the beginning of the week! I can't believe it was over 60 degrees in February. I took advantage of it and got in a couple of runs at the park!

Dined:: Highway 40 Brews
Michael and I had a date night last Friday night and tried out Highway 40 Brews. I was under the impression that it was a regular restaurant, but it was definitely more of a bar atmosphere. Oh well, the food was still delicious, the beer options were endless, and I had good company!

Read:: The Choice
I've had this book for a while and was looking for an easy read to knock out this week so I figured I'd give it a shot since the movie was coming out. I'm a sucker for a good romance book and while this one was pretty cheesy, I did knock it in time to go see the movie. Stay tuned for a full review.

Watched:: The Finest Hours and The Choice
I just realized that I've gone to see two movies in the past week. That's a lot for me. As I mentioned earlier, Michael and I had a date night last Friday and went to dinner and a movie. We saw The Finest Hours and I thought it was pretty good. It's based off the true story of the largest small-boat rescue in Coast Guard history and was pretty unbelievable!

I'm also a big fan of reading books and then watching the movie so I had to go see The Choice when it came out. I will say I was pretty disappointed in the movie. The majority of the details didn't match the book and the characters were much more genuine in the book than the movie. To be honest, I found the movie versions to be just a bit obnoxious. Anyways, once again, the book was much better than the movie!

Last Week's Steps:: 76,433
I thought I'd start posting my weekly steps to help keep myself accountable. Since purchasing my FitBit, I have been much more motivated to get my workouts in and have even managed to run every day this week. My friend and I have had a weekly challenge going on the past couple weeks and I barely pulled off a win last week. I'm slightly behind her this week so hopefully I can catch up!

2016 Mile Log:: 23 
I also thought it would be fun to start keeping a log of my miles for 2016. It will be a combination of miles walked and ran throughout the week. Last week I got in 23 miles by walking during my lunch and squeezing in a few runs after work. Think I can beat that this week?!


Emily Ann


  1. I love that picture. Has The Choice book been out for a long time? I feel like i read it a while back. 23 miles! Hot diggity!

    1. No, it just came out. I'd recommend waiting for it to come to Redbox.

      A lot of those miles were lunchtime walks! It's a new habit I'm working on forming. :)