Friday, December 18, 2015

Weekly Bits:: 25

Man have I been slacking on my posts lately or what? Life has been busy! Here's a peek at what I've been up to the past couple of weeks:

Attended:: Blues Game
  • A couple friends and I got tickets and headed to our first Blue's game of the season. They didn't win but we still had a good time watching, chatting, and sipping on a couple beers. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't have the little kids play a game at intermission. That is always my favorite part!
Listened:: Santa Jam and Jinglefest
  • The best part about cold weather is all of the great concerts! The Pageant has to be my favorite venue in St. Louis and I loved seeing Cam and Brothers Osborne there a couple weeks ago at Santa Jam. They were both great! 
  • One of my girlfriends from home road tripped up to visit for Jinglefest last week. Sam Hunt....swoon! Maddie & Tae were great too! I was pretty disappointed with Tyler Farr's performance. I love so many of his songs (and the fact that he is from Missouri is a plus too!), but his performance was lacking in my opinon.
Hosted:: Work Christmas Party
  • Our work Christmas Party at Fallon's Bar & Grill went really well. Our room was a little tight for our group size but everyone seemed to have a good time and the trivia went over great! Unfortunately, I am awful at trivia and our team didn't win.
Sipped:: Christmas Beers
  • A friend and I did a gift exchange recently. We were sure to have lots of Christmas Beer and pizza for the festivities. I really enjoyed the Breckenridge Christmas Ale and got some pretty great gifts!
Painted:: A Rustic Snowman
  • Let me start off by saying that I have no artistic talent (let's be honest, I'm talking zero artistic talent). With that being said, I do enjoy occasionally going to a wine and paint class with friends. Last night a friend and I attended one at Pinot's Palette in Chesterfield. Being as I am not a wine drinker, we substituted our wine with beer and gave this rustic snowman our best shot! My snowman started off rough, but ended up kind of cute!


Emily Ann


  1. Love the image of this post. So festive. Sounds like you've been fully embracing the holiday hustle.

    1. Thanks! The holiday hustle is in full swing over here. Ready for a few days off work to enjoy some family time!