Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Weekend Recap:: Hello, November!

I spent this past weekend enjoying great music with great friends and soaking up some much needed down-time.

I started my weekend with a little happy hour at O'Fallon Brewery, and then a few friends and I headed to The Pageant to see Mat Kearney & Parachute perform. I had seen Parachute in concert before (and loved them), but this was my first time seeing Mat Kearney. Let me tell you, he did not disappoint! His performance was flawless - so flawless, in fact, that Jessie thought he was lip syncing the whole time (he definitely wasn't)! You can see a peek of the concert on Instagram.

I spent my Saturday cleaning the house, hanging out with Michael, and face-timing my favorite little minion! I know I'm bias, but I can't get over how cute my nephew is! I was hoping to have some trick-or-treaters for Halloween, but we struck out. I guess Michael will just have to eat that whole basket of candy on his own!

On Sunday, I participated in the Hunt for Hope 5K in our little town. It was such a fun set up. They had deer decoys hidden throughout the course, and you had to "shoot" (take a picture with your phone) them as you saw them. Anyone who finished with pictures of all of the deer, was entered to win the grand prize. And what's even better is that the event raised more than $10,000 for a local gentleman who has been a long time supporter of the school athletics and community. He is currently fighting stage 4 colon cancer, and the athletic club hoped this event would raise enough to cover one of his medical treatments. But, as it turned out, the event raised enough to cover more than three times that! It is amazing what a small-town community can pull together to accomplish.

I finished my day by knocking out some more reading. I am hooked on Somebody I Used to Know by David Bell. I can't wait to finish it and provide you with some feedback on it...stay tuned!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Emily Ann