Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekly Bits:: 19

Baked:: Pumpkin Bread
  • I knocked this item off of my fall to-do list this week. For my first attempt at baking bread, I'd say it turned out pretty good! My mom told me to add cinnamon to the recipe next time so I'm eager to make it again with that addition.
Watched:: Chicago PD
  • I have been hooked on this Chicago Fire spin-off ever since it premiered last year. Between the two shows, PD is actually my favorite and the season 3 premiere did not disappoint!  
Wore:: Crochet Infinity Scarf
  • My friend and her mom started an Etsy shop called Three Sheep Shack about a year ago and they sell all kinds of neat crochet items. I have a scarf, boot cuffs, and koozie - all of which I love! I also have this infinity scarf in maroon in the works. Hop on over and check them out! 
Listened:: The Good Girl by Mary Kubica
  • This is the latest audio book I've been listening to and let me tell you, I am hooked! Stay tuned for my review on it next week!
Went:: Fishing!
  • Michael's family has a special private lake where they like to go fishing. I was always told "no girls allowed", but I lucked out this past week and got invited to go with him and his dad. It was such a beautiful lake. The water was so clear that you could see the fish swim up and snatch your bait. We caught close to 30 fish in just a couple of hours!


Emily Ann

P.S. I'm in love with this watercolor from worDSMITHstudios' Etsy shop.


  1. Love the Three Sheep Shack shout out. Eager to read The Good Girl.

    1. I'm loving my new scarves! Make sure to tell Peggy thank you! You'll like The Good Girl.