Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy 100 + Liebster Award

Guys, this is my 100th blog post!! Whoa! How did that happen so quickly? You know what else? My blog was just nominated for the Liebster Award, and I couldn't be more honored!

I never knew how much I would love the world of blogging when I first started Sincerely, Emily Ann six months ago, but it has quickly become a huge part of my life. I love capturing all of my day-to-day adventures and personal style, and hope that I can inspire others the same way that I have been inspired by fellow bloggers.

And now, on to the Liebster Award (I still can't believe Sincerely, Emily Ann was nominated!):

The Liebster Award is given to newbie bloggers by other bloggers as a way to support and promote each other in growing our blogs! How cool, right!?
A huge thanks to Nicole from Knot Blushing for my nomination. If you haven't been following her blog, you need to be! I love her trendy style and fun hair tutorials. Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well!
The Rules:
1. Post your award to your blog.
2. Answer the questions that you were given from the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate a few new bloggers you’ve discovered.
4. Create 10 new questions for the nominees.
5. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
Answering Nicole's Questions:
1. What inspired you to start your blog? 
The inspiration to start SEA came from other bloggers. More specifically, one of my good friends who blogged was always showing me cute outfit ideas, new places she wanted explore, and fun crafts she wanted to try. She would always say that she found the idea on a blog that she follows. Eventually, I got curious and started following some of her favorite bloggers. It quickly escalated from there. Before I knew it, I was obsessed with looking at posts on BlogLovin' and eventually got the nerve to give my own blog a shot. I had no idea where to start, but knew that I wanted to capture my personal style, random journeys, and everything else in-between, all while inspiring others to do the same. And here I am, 100 posts later, with a blog I never knew I would love so much.

2. How do you manage your time? How do you make time in your busy schedule for blogging? 
The option to "schedule" your blog posts has become a total life saver for me. There is no way I'd have time to write a new blog every day, so I've found that scheduling them works best for me. I often knock out the majority of my posts for the week in one sitting. I also have a ton of drafts going at any given point in time. I like to capture my ideas when they are fresh in my mind without having to worry about completing the entire post right away. So, I throw my ideas in a draft, and this gives me time to continue to think on how I want the post to turn out before actually putting it all together.
3. Favorite place to be- GO!
This one is easy. My hometown. When I graduated high school I couldn't wait to get away from that small town. I moved four hours away to go to college. After college, I still didn't appreciate all that my hometown had to offer, and was eager to start my career in St. Louis. As I've gotten older, I've really learned to appreciate "home". That small town that I was running away from has suddenly become my favorite place in the world. There is nothing better than going home and hanging out on the farm with my family. I mean have you seen my nephew?! He is the cutest guy around (and my sister has another one on the way, too!). 
4. What’s your favorite social media to promote your blog and why?
I actually didn't have any social media promoting my blog until a couple weeks ago when I finally started an Instagram account. For a while, I just wanted to capture my day-to-day thoughts, style, and activities for myself, and if others found my blog and liked what I had posted, then that was just a perk. Now that I have grown into my blog a little more and know what direction I want to go, I am more comfortable with promoting it on social media. I have been obsessed with my Instagram account and have probably been posting a little too much, but every time I look at it I just get so excited and want to add something new! 
5. If you could have dinner with any one person of your choosing, who would it be and why? 
Well this is a tough one. I feel like I should give some really deep, intellectual answer like "Oprah so I can learn the secrets of how she built her empire," but instead I'm just going to go with Ryan Gosling. I mean come about a total babe! 
6. Coffee or tea? 
Honestly, I'm just not a fan of either one. I know...what is wrong with me?!  Everyone tells me I'll become a coffee lover as I get older, but I just don't see it happening. I don't even like the smell! Give me a glass of water instead, please.
7. What blogger has inspired you the most? 
Aside from my friend who I mentioned earlier, Lauren Elizabeth is probably the blogger that has inspired me the most. I have been obsessed with her blog since I first discovered it a year or two ago. For a while, I would try to copy every one of her outfits! She is just always so darn cute and has the best style! #BlogGoals
8. Nerd or Prep?  
I'll go with prep, although I believe in a healthy mixture of both!
9. Do you have any distractions while blogging, if so, what is it? 
I think it's actually the opposite for me. Blogging is my distraction. After finishing up a project at work, I'll be sitting in my office and something will pop into my head and before I know it I'm starting on a blog draft before moving on to my next project. Or, I'll be out and about doing something, and I'll find myself suddenly looking for the perfect picture to capture for the blog or Instagram.
10. Favorite shoes? 
Although I am currently loving the booties trend, I'm going to have to say my favorite pair of shoes is my cowboy boots. I love throwing them on literally every chance I get. 
11. BONUS: What house? Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? 
What would you say if I told you I had to Google these words to even know what this question was asking?! I honestly have never read a Harry Potter book or watched the movies, which is totally surprising because I love to read! Guess I should add them to my reading list. :) 
Jess from Silex In the City
Megan from Linens and Leggings
Meagan from All the Joys Blog
My Questions for the Nominees:

1. What inspired you to start your blog? 
2. What is your favorite fall trend?
3. Name three artists/bands that would make up your dream concert.
4. If you had to choose one store to spend $5,000 at, what store would it be?
5. What blogger has inspired you the most?
6. Favorite TV show of all time?
7. What are your top three book recommendations?
8. What do you love most about where you live?
9. What is your ultimate travel destination?
10. What would be your perfect fall day? What activities would it include?


Emily Ann


  1. Happy 100! Thanks for the nomination!! Eager to craft my answers to the questions.