Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#3ToWear:: v.1

With every new season, I find myself wanting to purchase a whole new wardrobe rather than picking from the closet full of good stuff that I already own. So, along with Jess from Silex in the City, we have decided to do a weekly challenge, picking three pieces from our current closet to work into our outfit rotation for the week. We have dubbed this challenge #3ToWear and would love for you to join in this fall! Just use the hashtag #3ToWear on Instagram to tag us!

Week 1 of the challenge included an old favorite camo tee from J. Crew Factory, new peep toe booties from Kohl's, and a navy sweater from Loft that didn't make it into any outfit rotations last fall/winter. Here is how I ended up styling all three pieces:

My #3ToWear picks for week 2 include a new scarf from Three Sheep Shack, a split-back top from American Eagle, and some fun boots that are a few years old (I can't remember where they are from). Follow me on Instagram or check the blog next week to see how I style them! 


Emily Ann


  1. Lovin this post! Good styling on last week's pieces, eager to see how this week goes.