Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekly Bits:: 16

Read:: My monthly horoscope
  • Jess introduced me to the horoscope feature on Loft's website a couple weeks ago. With September not only being my birthday month, but also the start of fall, I was eager to read what my horoscope had in store for me. "Your self-esteem, relationships, and creativity will flourish." - I'll take it!
Dined:: O'Fallon Brewery
  • A couple girlfriends and I headed to this new brewery for a quick birthday celebration. It was a night full of laughs, beer, and delicious food! I have officially decided this will be my new go-to place for future happy hours.
Discovered:: Big Little Lies Television Series
  • Remember when I raved about the book Big Little Lies? Well I just discovered that HBO is making it into a limited TV series in 2016! I will definitely be watching.
Attended:: Jungle Boogie
  • A couple friends and I took advantage of this free event put on by the St. Louis Zoo and had a great time. We packed some snacks, sipped on wine, and enjoyed the live music and perfect weather. After, we headed to Six Mile Bridge Brewery for a beer before heading home. Their beer selection was limited (they only make three kinds) but it was good, and the atmosphere was fun!


Emily Ann