Monday, September 21, 2015

Family Vacation 2015

My aunt and uncle's beautiful yard
Life has been a bit hectic since returning from our family vacation a couple weeks ago.  I've been so caught up trying to get back into the groove of things that I haven't had time to put together a proper recap of our trip. But hey, better late than never right?

It's been such a long time since my family went on a vacation together, so I was thrilled when we planned a trip to visit family in Georgia and South Carolina! My mom and dad love to take trips on their Harley, so my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and I all took advantage of some vacation time and drove down to join them.

It was about a 12 hour drive to Bonaire, GA where my aunt and uncle live. I was so impressed by how well my 2-year-old nephew handled being in the car for so long on the way down there. The trip back...well...that was a different story! Prior to the trip, my brother-in-law purchased a DVD player for his truck in hopes that it would help distract my nephew.  For the most part, it was successful and I'm pretty sure we watched Despicable Me at least 10 times during our drive (IT'S SO FLUFFY!!).

Such a beautiful drive

Our journey began on a Sunday and we made it about halfway to Bonaire before stopping at a hotel in Clarksville, TN. We grabbed dinner that night at Old Chicago and it was delicious! The next day, we continued our trek but decided to take a slight detour to drive through Nashville. None of us had ever been, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check it out.  Even though it was a short-lived detour, I can't wait to explore more of Nashville during a girls' trip in a few weeks!

Sleepy heads
Almost to the mountains

We arrived in Bonaire early Monday evening and settled in at my aunt and uncle's before enjoying a delicious homemade dinner. One thing to note about my family, is that we love playing games. Card games, board games, you name it. So naturally after dinner, it was family game time. My Aunt recommended Five Crowns which none of us had ever played before, but picked up on quickly. We liked it so much that we ended up playing it every night we were there!

The whole gang
Busted eating one of Aunt Ruth's grapes!

On Tuesday, we went to explore the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA. My Uncle was a Colonel in the Air Force and still holds several flight records to this day. It was neat to see the aircraft and hear stories from my uncle. My favorite was the "super spy plane" that flew from California to New York and back in 55 minutes at an official speed of 2,193 miles per hour. WHOA!

Such a neat place
Taking a break from the excitement
They left me...

We spent Tuesday afternoon and most of Wednesday lounging by the pool in the backyard. Their backyard was so beautiful and peaceful. It was so nice to just hang out and unwind. My sister did have to take my nephew to the doctor on Wednesday because he hadn't been feeling well. It turned out he had an ear infection and upper respiratory infection - poor guy!

Relaxing poolside

He loved playing in the pool!

Thursday morning we all packed up and headed to Little Mountain, SC to visit another aunt and uncle. It was about a 4 hour drive, and I opted to ride on the Harley with Dad. It was the longest ride I had ever taken with him and I loved it! We arrived mid-afternoon and spent the day/evening enjoying great company.

And we're off!
He clearly had a great time!

Mom and dad were lucky enough to extend their trip for another week to continue exploring the mountains, but we packed up the truck on Friday and headed home. My nephew was worn out, not feeling well, and tired of being in the truck which made for an interesting adventure home. But, we made it! Overall, it was a wonderful trip. I loved getting to spend time with family and relaxing in their company. I hope we plan another family vacation soon!

Beautiful view 
Aren't they the cutest?!


Emily Ann


  1. Love this! Please share with your aunts and uncles!

    1. It was a good trip. Where are we going next year?!

  2. Great post! I love the mountain pics and the Harley tid bits. They are looking sharp in their chaps!

    1. Thanks! I think they are just the cutest bikers around. :)