Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekly Bits:: 13

Watched:: Dark Places
  • I had been very curious to see how this movie turned out ever since I finished reading the book. I found the movie to be much better than the book. It just seemed to flow more smoothly and Charlize Theron did a great job portraying the disturbed character of Libby Day.
Made:: Wife Saver Breakfast
  • I had some peaches that I wanted to experiment with so I gave this recipe a whirl. It turned out great! It tasted like peach cobbler and I'll definitely be making it again in the future.
Committed:: 8 Week Beginner 10k Running Schedule
  • This plan seems easy enough, and I've been needing some additional motivation to commit to my workouts lately. I originally planned to run a half marathon in September, but due to other activities popping up, I'm going to have to skip that one. I'm still looking for a 10k to run this fall with some of my pals though, so hopefully there will be one around the St. Louis area in the October/November time frame.
Looking Forward To:: Girl's Trip to the Lake
  • I've been looking forward to this trip since the beginning of the summer! My friend Abbey and her family have a condo at the Lake, and I have been lucky enough to spend a weekend there every summer for the past three years. Jess and I are packing up the car this morning and heading to meet Abbey for three days of sunshine, boating, and relaxing!

Emily Ann


  1. Our weekly bits pictures really were similar and now our weekend recaps will be too with our own pictures!

    1. It's like we live similar lives or something! :)