Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fall Curb Appeal

My mom is great at landscaping.  Her yard always looks amazing, so when she came to visit last weekend, I asked her for advice on improving the curb appeal of our house. Obviously, Michael (being a man) didn't care too much for keeping up with the flowers or bushes at the house prior to me moving in. So now, we are left with a lot of dead plants and exactly zero curb appeal.

Luckily, Mom made a few recommendations to improve the aesthetics for the upcoming fall season. She also promised to come back up in the spring with some fun ideas that include monkey grass and vibrant flowers.

Here is my to-do list to add a little touch curb appeal this fall, along with a few pictures that I grabbed from Pinterest for more inspiration:
  1. Find a flag to put in the flagpole bracket
  2. Purchase two black chairs for the corners of the porch
  3. Find or paint a bench black to place between the two front doors
  4. Dig up the dead bushes
  5. Plant chrysanthemums in place of the dead bushes
  6. Add pumpkins and a decorative wreath for the final fall touches


Emily Ann


  1. Oh my goodness! Love this post. I love me some landscaping. I'll help with yours if you help with mine. :) I like the look you are honing here.

    1. I'm eager to get to work on it! Take pictures of your house and I'll give them to mom to brainstorm. That's what she's doing for mine this spring.