Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekly Bits:: 10

Made:: Quinoa Pizza Bites
  • I've been itching to try out some new recipes lately. I stumbled upon these pizza bites on Pinterest and figured I'd give them a shot. They were simple to make, but I didn't love them. I probably won't make them again.
Bought:: This maxi dress and this adorable stamp.
  • The dress was on sale for $21 with free shipping, so I couldn't pass it up. I'm already envisioning wearing it to a shower in August. Also, how adorable is that stamp?! I got this one for my sister too since they were buy one get one free!
Booked:: A flight to Las Vegas!
  • I've never been to Las Vegas, so when Michael asked if I wanted to go for his cousin's birthday in January, I quickly agreed! We even got our flights for free thanks to the Southwest credit card!
Looking Forward To:: A long weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks!
  • Michael's family takes a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks every year. I took off work today and will be heading to the Lake this afternoon. I am looking forward to a lot of quality family time, relaxing, and enjoying the sunshine. Stay tuned for a full recap next week!


Emily Ann


  1. The adventures keep stacking up on your end. Love the stamps. I need to select some.

    1. I know! I've had a pretty eventful summer so far. Can't wait to see which stamp you choose!