Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty hectic. Between making a big move to a new town, dealing with new changes at work, and spending time with friends and family, "me" time has been a little hard to come by. Prior to moving a couple weeks ago, I had lived by myself for nearly 5 years, so I was used to having more than my fair share of "me" time!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Even though things have been busy, I honestly can't remember a time when I have been happier with life. I have an amazing family, friends, and boyfriend, and I can't even gripe too much about work right now. So, overall life really is great, but sometimes I just get a little too caught up in wanting to participate in everything, that I don't take the time to slow down and take some time for myself.

This upcoming weekend I had plans to attend Muckfest with some of my good friends.  However, due to all of the rain that we have been having here in Missouri, the event has now been postponed. In addition to that, Michael has plans to play golf all weekend, so I am seriously contemplating taking a whole weekend off from any big activities and just relax, unwind, and refresh a bit.

When you have so many new changes and exciting things going on in life, it can be tough to get settled into a solid routine.  I had hoped to have one established by now, but I have been struggling to find one that sticks. The idea of waking up, getting a work out in, commuting to work, working, making the drive home, fixing dinner, and then going to bed, sounds like a good routine in theory. But, man, is it exhausting in real life!

I've decided that I want to make it a goal each week to get in three morning workouts at home, and then head to the gym at least two times a week after work. So far, it's been a little bit of a struggle, but I'm determined to get in the habit of making it happen.

What are some of your favorite things to do to unwind when life gets a little hectic?


Emily Ann


  1. I love the image on this post! I too fall victim to wanting to do all the things and not allowing gaps in my schedule. I think MuckFest getting re-scheduled may be a blessing in disguise for us all. Good luck settling into a new routine-Give it time!

    1. I agree, but I was really looking forward to it! I am disappointed that it is rescheduled to a weekend that we already have other plans.