Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Recap:: Home Sweet Home

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me! I am a day late posting my weekend recap, but here it is:

Home Sweet Home
I took a half day at work, and spent the entire afternoon finishing up packing and cleaning my condo. Michael and his dad came with the U-Haul around 5:00 and we packed up my furniture and made the final trip to my new house. We have been getting a LOT of rain the past few weeks, and, just my luck, the highway we needed to take to get home was closed due to flooding. It took us nearly two hours to get there, but we finally we made it, unpacked, and got the organization process underway.

The flooded town
Just a small part of my mess

Back in St. Louis, I had my final walk through of my condo with my landlord on Saturday morning. Once that was wrapped up, I locked the doors for the last time and officially handed back the keys! I ran some errands, headed back home, and spent the afternoon unpacking and organizing. Michael's nephew, Will, had his baptism on Saturday night, and Michael was lucky enough to be his godfather. After the baptism, we headed over to his mom and dad's for a little get  together with the family. We ate delicious food, sipped on some beverages, and enjoyed the beautiful (rain free!) night.

Goodbye, Chesterfield!
Adorable gifts from my friends Jess and Tom

Determined to cut down on the mess I made over the last couple days, I dedicated my morning to doing more unpacking and organizing. My mess slowly dwindled until almost all of my belongings had found a place. My mom and dad rode the Harley up to visit on Sunday afternoon. Mom wanted "to see where I was going to be living." They really liked the house, and Michael even gave them a grand tour of the town (which took all of 5 minutes). We stopped by Michael's mom and dad's house so that our parents could meet for the first time, too. I think it went well! It made me really happy that my parents came to visit, but I was sad that they couldn't stay longer.

The mess is gone!

Overall, it was a busy but fulfilling weekend. I love my new home, and love getting to spend more time with Michael. I've lived in a lot of different places since I graduated high school, but this is the closest place to "home" that I have felt since leaving Russellville. I'm looking forward to our future together!


Emily Ann

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