Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Three Day Refresh

During my week of vacation in Mexico, I was eating and drinking so much junk, and I was feeling pretty bogged down towards the end.  By the time I returned home, all that food and drink had definitely caught up with me! Thankfully, before I left on my trip, I decided that I would give the 3 Day Refresh program a try upon my return. My hopes were to flush out all of the junk I had consumed over vacation and start summer off feeling great!

Here is brief recap of my eating schedule::

Wake Up:: Glass of water

Breakfast:: Shakeology + Fruit
  • I tried both the vanilla and chocolate Shakeology. Both were WAY better than I was expecting them to be. I liked the chocolate the best, but I really enjoyed both flavors.
  • My fruit of choice for breakfast was a banana for the first two days and an apple for day three.
Mid-Morning:: Fiber Sweep + bottle of water
  • This drink is terrible. It's really thick and definitely my least favorite part of the refresh.
Lunch:: Vanilla drink + Fruit + Vegetable
  • The vanilla drink was good! Not quite as good as the Shakeology, but certainly an improvement over the Fiber Sweep.
  • I opted for strawberries as my lunch fruit for all three days.
  • Due to my nature as a picky eater, vegetables are a little more of a struggle for me than fruit is. The first day I tried cucumbers and humus. That was a fail. I'm just not a cucumber person. Days two and three I had green beans. Can't go wrong with green beans!
Mid-Afternoon:: Fruit + Water
  • I switched my afternoon fruit up every day. I had an apple, peaches, and a banana.
Dinner:: Vanilla Drink + Vegetable + Fruit
  • I had asparagus as my vegetable all three nights. It was the only other vegetable on the list that I liked other than the green beans. Two nights I skipped my vanilla drink because I just wasn't feeling it. I switched up my fruit each night too...strawberries, banana, and peaches.
Recap:: I really enjoyed this program and will definitely be doing it again. Prior to the refresh I was feeling very sluggish and bloated. After, I felt great! It definitely motivated me to continue my healthy eating habits. There were a couple times during the refresh that I felt pretty hungry, but overall, I don't feel like I was starving the whole three days. I also lost 3.5 lbs, which I consider a success!


Emily Ann

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