Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello Summer:: Mexico!

At the beginning of the year, a couple of my girlfriends and I planned an all-inclusive trip to Mexico. Unfortunately, one of my friends lost her passport at the last minute and wasn't able to get a replacement in time to make it along for the trip. After a full day of hectically trying to reschedule and figure out insurance, my other friend and I decided to still take the trip since there was no guarantee that insurance would refund us our money. We were really bummed to be missing our third sidekick, but tried our best to make the most out of the situation.


Here's a little recap of our adventure:

Our flight was at 6:35 a.m. so we were up bright and early to head to the airport. Bad weather delayed our flight a few hours (just our luck!), but thankfully it didn't cause us to miss our connecting flight in Chicago. We finally landed in Mexico around 4:00 p.m.. Neither of us had ever been through customs so we were pretty nervous once we arrived at the airport in Cancun. Luckily, everything went smoothly and we were in our shuttle to the hotel in no time!

There was a couple in the shuttle with us, and we dropped them off at their resort first. When we saw their resort and it looked a little run down, we exchanged looks that said "what did we get ourselves into?!". Luckily, we were pleasantly surprised by now nice our resort looked when we pulled up! We stayed at the Hotel El Cid Marina Spa and Resort and I highly recommend it! It is a little bit more of a family-based resort than we were expecting, but we still loved it!

Once we got checked into our rooms we did a little high five-ing and "I can't believe we are in Mexico" dancing! The room was so much nicer than we were expecting it to be! We quickly freshened up and headed to the buffet for dinner. After dinner, we went for a stroll along the beach before heading to the welcome party. The party was at the infinity pool and it included a DJ and a lot of dancing!

See ya later, St. Louis!
Hello, Cancun!!
SO excited to be in Mexico!!
At the Welcome Party!

We woke up, grabbed breakfast, and headed straight for the beach. We picked out some chairs and soaked up the sun for a bit before trying our hand at paddle boarding! Erika was a pro. I, on the other hand, fell in immediately after standing up! Eventually, I found my footing and was able to stand up and paddle around a bit before we headed back to shore.

After our paddle boarding adventure we decided it was time for a drink.  We ordered a couple of Pina Coladas and headed straight for the hammocks that we spotted in little cabanas along the beach to sip our drinks. We then grabbed a bite to eat before discovering the swim-up bar.  We hung out there in the pool for a while and then made our way over to the bar by the infinity pool. We made a few friends and sipped on a few (okay, a lot!) more drinks before it was time to call it a night. Looking back on it, I would say we probably provided most of the entertainment for the evening! We both even ended up losing our shoes that night!

Selfies on the beach!
These hammocks were amazing!
There was a lot of seaweed
We started our day off with snorkeling! It was by far the best part of the trip. We headed to the marina where they took us, by boat, to the coral reef. We put our masks and flippers on and hopped into the water! There were so many colorful fish, and we even saw a giant sea turtle! It swam a little too close for comfort to me at one point, but it was still cool to see. Our guide kept yelling for us to stay with the group because we kept wandering off on our own to explore more of the amazing scenery. I'm pretty sure we got in trouble at least 4 times...totally worth it!

Once we returned to the marina, we headed straight to the beach. After some lounging and soaking up the sun, we decided it give kayaking a try. It's a lot harder than it looks! We made our way pretty far out into the ocean before hitting the point where we had to turn around. I'd say I was a little better at kayaking than I was at paddle boarding. We did see some girls flip their kayaks in the waves, but luckily it wasn't us!

Later, we cleaned up and headed to dinner at the Italian restaurant. The menu was very limited, and Erika and I were both very confused on what to order. I ended up going with the gnocchi as the appetizer and beef medallion for the main course. It was okay, but I was really just wanting some chicken fettuccine (it wasn't on the menu)!

After dinner, we grabbed front row seats for the fire and drums show by the infinity pool. The show was really cool! They were dancing with batons, ropes, hula hoops, and all kinds of other things I couldn't identify. We were very impressed. After the show, we called it a night so we would be fully rested for our last day in Mexico.

Post-snorkeling and kayaking
Dinner time!
Beef Medallion
Malibu Baby = Delicious!

Our last day on the beach consisted of a lot of lounging at the pool and the hot tub! The morning was beautiful so we immediately headed to the beach for a little hammocking (we loved those hammocks!). Then, we decided it was time for a drink and headed over to the pool!

We made a couple of friends from New Jersey and chatted with them as a storm rolled through. We didn't let the rain bother us, though! The swim-up bar was partially covered so we just hung out there until it stopped raining. At this point, we were feeling a bit chilly so we headed to the hot tub for a bit. We met some other fun couples and continued to sip on drinks and chat with them. The day went by so quickly!

Before we knew it, it was getting dark and we had missed our dinner reservation at the Mexican restaurant! Luckily, the restaurant allowed us to still come in and eat a few hours late. I guess it's just the picky eater in me, but I wasn't a fan of the menu at this restaurant either. Neither of us really enjoyed our meals, so we went back to the room and ordered a couple cheese quesadillas from room service. We decided to do a little packing while we waited for our food to arrive, and then munched on our quesadillas and headed to bed.

Another beautiful morning!
Our flamingo cup holders were a huge hit!
The storm rolling in

5:00 a.m. came early for us. Our flight wasn't until 8:50, but we still had to finish packing and our shuttle was picking us up at the resort at 6:00 a.m. Although one more day on the beach would have been preferred, the day of traveling was long and we were glad to get back to St. Louis!

  • Facility:: The facility was great! The rooms were so nice (and clean!), the pools were beautiful, and the grounds were very well-maintained. The main pool had a water slide and a small cliff you could jump off of. Both of which were very fun! There was also an amazing infinity pool that overlooked the ocean. The hot tub came in handy on the rainy day too!
  • Beach:: The beach had a lot of seaweed. There were several large rocks in the water, too. Since the water wasn't very clear, it was hard to walk in without hurting your feet. Basically, the beach could have been better but the quality of the resort made up for what the beach was lacking.
  • Food:: The food was mediocre. The buffet did have a wide selection, so there was something for everyone, but, nothing I ate was amazing. Let me take that back, the re-fried beans were amazing! I'm pretty sure I ate them with every meal. We also really enjoyed the cheese quesadillas from room service. I wasn't impressed by either restaurant's dinner selections, although I'm sure that was due to my picky eating habits.
  • Drinks:: Delicious! Our favorite drinks were the Bahama Mama and Malibu Baby. We also sipped on pina coladas, Bacardi + diet, Absolut + sprite, and citron + tonic + splash of cranberry. I don't think there was a drink that we tried and didn't like. Also, thankfully the water at the hotel did not make our stomachs upset!
Overall, we had an awesome trip. I can't wait to plan another one in the near future!!


Emily Ann


  1. It looks like you guys had a blast. Obviously, I'm bummed to be the friend that had to miss out but so happy to see you made the most of each day and captured some great pics. Those hammocks look heavenly. Cancun cowboy hats, well I'll be.. ha.

    1. We missed having you there! I'm ready to plan another one whenever you want! We bought those hats off a guy selling them on the beach. I put my negotiation skills to work and saved us $10! The hammocks were amazing...hence me wanting to purchase a portable one for my yard. :)